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Dawn Laurente Marfil & Paul Alcoseba Castillo
Downloads : 81

It wasn’t a year for metaphors. When the world began to burn in January of 2020, the blaze that spread across the Amazon and Australia was literal fire.

Indigenous Languages: Literary Freedom and the Opportunity to Exist

Virgilio S. Almario
Downloads : 49

We come together on a common subject in this Congress, which is language.

A Poetics of the Literary Work

Gémino H. Abad
Downloads : 50

Let me begin with a general perspective on the mind, language, and the literary work, and end on our country’s literature.

The Detective in Philippine Detective Fiction: A Defiance of Popular Convention

Ruth Clare G. Torres
Downloads : 48

When one talks about detective fiction the writers that immediately come to mind are: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, and Dashiell Hammett, to name a few;

Terra Incognita

Ralph Fonte
Downloads : 53

Nang igapos ako ng mga sinulid ng takot at isinumpa sa paanan ng Alhambra, pumapanaog siya: matandang babae

Confidential: HIV/AIDS

Joey A. Tabula
Downloads : 46

Isang supot ng dalanghita ang pasasalamat Ng nanay mo. Dumadalang na raw kasi

Limang Tulang Cambodia

John Iremil Teodoro
Downloads : 39

Sinalubong ng mga pula at puting bulaklak ng lotus, Palangga,

Of Love and Other Attritions: Five Contemporary Mindanao Poems in Translation

Ralph Semino Galán
Downloads : 25

The bay Is half of a bowl,

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