"The joy of writing. The power of preserving."

The Center Will Hold: Ten Years of the Revived UST Center for Creative Writing and Literary Studies


Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

The idea for this book came from Ned Parfan.

We had realized that 2022 was the 10th  anniversary year…

Kuwadro’t Kondenado: Ang Pagtula Sa Mga Larawan, Ang Paglalarawan Sa Mga Tula

Paul Alcoseba Castillo

Nang manalasa ang COVID-19, naging parusa itong ipinataw sa mga mamamayang pinilit makaluwas…

Trying To Pray: Notes On Crafting Poetry

Joel M. Toledo

This piece talks about my process in writing a poem, which goes without saying that the thoughts and ideas…

On The Writing Of ‘Shadowboxing In Polyester’

Ned Parfan

Because it is a structure of interlinked poems or fragments, the lyric sequence is a form tailor-made…

The Island

Nerisa del Carmen Guevara

The island sits on the edge of the page

of the brochure on the table. The rest of the page is water, the deep end of the shore. The island is only this: coconut

The Academe And Its Wild Things

Augusto Antonio A. Aguila

My first two short story collections, The Heart of Need and Other Stories and Carnival of Hate…

Betwixt: Stories Of In Between

Jose P. Mojica

In his 1909 work The Rites of Passage, Arnold van Gennep coined the term liminality. Here the idea is …

Teteksbuk Teksbuk: O, Mag-Textbook Ay Di Biro

Mark Anthony Angeles

Mga akdang pampanitikan ang WIP (work-in-progress) ko ATM (at the moment). Pero, at kahit na…

Into The Fire You Go: A Technical Introduction

Dawn Marfil Burris

There was no project, no plans for a second book. In fact, I think the point of my life for the last two years

“Biruin Mo ‘Yun!” Mala-Handbook Ng Pinoy Humor

Joselito D. De Los Reyes, PhD

Noong una kong naisip ang katagang “seryosong usapin ang humor,” akala ko ako ang nakauna sa oxymoron na ito.

The Journal Or Diary Excerpt As Literature

Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

I have kept a diary or journal (I use the terms interchangeably) since I was eight years old. I think it started…

Liwaliw: Mga Lakbay Sanaysay At Lakbay Alaala

John Jack G. Wigley

Ang proyektong ito ay kalipunan ng mga lakbay-sanaysay ng manunulat na naglalayong makabuo ng isang…

Kuwentong Karera: Writing About Horseracing

Jenny Ortuoste

I first became involved with the Philippine horseracing industry when I was in my early 20s.

Mga Kuwentong Bayan Sa Gabing Maulan: Salin Ng Tales For A Rainy Night Ni Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

Chuckberry J. Pascual

Pangalawang koleksiyon na ng mga kuwento ni Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo ang Tales for a Rainy Night

Labaw Sa Bulawan: Translating Mindanao Poetry From Cebuano Into English (Preliminary Notes Towards A Theoria And A Praxis)

Ralph Semino Galán

In this day and age of rapidly increasing globalization and the concomitant rise of migration…

Separate Spheres, Shared Orbit: In Search Of The Woman In God And Poetry

Ma. Ailil B. Alvarez

A confession: I am a practicing conservative Catholic who, in college, wrote about how God is like a woman.

Latin Roots Of Philippine Literature And Culture

Lito B. Zulueta

The essay that follows this piece is not part of a larger publication project, at least it wasn’t conceived as such at first…


Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

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